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spike4561's Journal

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21 January
External Services:
  • spike4561@livejournal.com
I'm Spike4561
I have a youtube channel, a tumblr and a Fanfiction.net account all under that name.
Spike4561 is a big fan of Glee and has been reading fanfiction for it since 2010. I only became a big fan of Glee in the second half of season two.
Spike4561 love Kurt and Spike4561 want to give him all the love. Spike4561 ship him with everyone but Rachel and Quinn.
You can find Spike4561 when ever you need too. Just message Spike4561 on any account and Spike4561 will get it. It may take a few hours if Spike4561 is asleep but Spike4561 will /always/ answer.

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