I bought myself a copy of Kim Kardashian Wests book. Turns out it was all selfies.
The black section is nudes and I'm regreting my purchase. Oh well. It's a good conversation starter
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Texting you part 11/ ??

Hello this is an author's note sorry. I wanted to thank every single person who has reviewed and story alerted and favorite! You mean so much to me! Everyone of you. Anyway. Last chapter was meant to be the last. Their friendship was meant to be over before it really went anywhere so I had no plans for this chapter. But here it is. I will be keep going for at least up to chapter 100 (I have plans) Klaine will be ending very very soon :( and Kurt will start dating other people *cough* Chandler *cough* in a few chapters but there will be next to no talking between Kurtbastian for a little while sorry.



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